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Nearing Port....



Here we will be posting not only our newest clothing, but also some of our concepts.  No more having to scroll through the store looking for something new to sink your teeth into!!

Concept Boards

Our concept Paddle Boards, Kite Boards, Wake Boards and Skim Boards are trademarked by Shark Bait and as such are protected under both domestic and international trademark law.  Shark Bait and its clothing lines Surf Bait, Kite Bait, Paddle Bait and Dive Bait are trademark Shark Bait Clothing.

Copyright © 2015 Shark Bait Apparel. All Rights Reserved.  Shark Bait is a registered trademark of Shark Bait Apparel .  It's associated product lines, Kite Bait, Dive Bait, Paddle Bait, Surf Bait are all trademark Shark Bait Apparel.