Corporate Headquarters in the Dunes of Cape Cod.

About Us

Shark Bait was conceived while walking along South Beach in Chatham, Massachusetts.  The waters off of Cape Cod, once home to a large population of Great White Sharks, are seeing a resurgence of these beautiful fish as seal populations increase.

The water enthusiasts that continued to participate in their respective sports and risked venturing into the, now, shark infested waters off of Chatham, influenced our designs and ideas. These risk takers were the true definition of Shark Bait and were not deterred by the fact that these waters were now the Summer feeding grounds of one of the oceans top predators.... ...The Great White Shark With that in mind, we created our first shirts for fun and literally sold them off of our backs. After some additional designing for other water related sports, Shark Bait began to quickly take on a life of its own. Any enthusiast of the water is well aware that they are at risk, although that risk is very slight. We are bold enough to risk being amongst some of the most dangerous creatures in the ocean. We slip from our world into theirs. We are proud of what we do. We live on the edge. We celebrate life and we take chances. We are bonded by this and it brings us together. It’s not just a clothing line. It’s a testimonial to ourselves, our fellow water enthusiasts and we take pride in it. Be More.
Take Chances.
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